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Magnetic Filters

Magnetic Filters are a preventative component fixed to a specific point within your heating system, to increase its life and efficiency. It’s a simple but highly effective unit that traps any dirt, debris and sludge that’s created before it can do any damage to your boiler and controls.

MagnaClean Filter: Protecting nearly 3 million heating systems in UK homes, removing virtually 100% of the damaging suspended black iron oxide sludge that builds up in all central heating systems. The MagnaClean Filter not only extends the operational life of the central heating system, it reduces maintenance and heating energy bills.

We only recommend and supply ADEY MagnaClean filters for heating systems. From  experience, we believe these are one of the best preventative heating components, and as such,  if you have one fitted by us after a power flush or boiler installation is completed we will offer  you up to  5 years’ guarantee.

Note: According to the Energy Savings Trust, a new boiler replacement costs between £2,500-£3,000 on average. So, it’s essential to protect that investment with MagnaClean.